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Regina Sturrock is the founder and principal designer of Regina Sturrock Design, Inc., a Toronto, Canada-based interior design firm now in its 19th year. Specializing in renovations and new builds within the luxury home market, the firm’s projects have spanned the globe.

Born in Graz, Austria, a city steeped in Old World culture, Regina understands how the human spirit responds to the ideals and beauty of classical design. As a painter herself, Regina’s affinity for art and design manifested early, each informing the other. She feeds her spirit with frequent trips to Europe, finding inspiration in the art, fashion and architecture of the world’s major design centers, where art is a part of everyday life.

Regina defines interior design as the art and science of bringing our surroundings into harmony with the unique spirit and personality of the individual within their space. Customization is, therefore, the hallmark of every Regina Sturrock Design project. The result is always uniquely beautiful, practical and elegant with a strong focus on an integrated architectural envelope.

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This set was inspired by Anna Karenina, who was like a bird in a cage. She was beautiful and glamorous. But only when she fell in love with Vronsky did she become free.
bathroom remodeling

Regina's luxurious bath reflects the life of Anna Karenina from the dark floors depicting the darkness of her unhappy marriage, across ombre wall paneling and walls to a deconstructed modernist ceiling symbolizing her breaking free through love.
bathroom remodeling

Every detail carefully considered, Regina used ornately carved custom vanities and hand cut mirrors to reflect the wealth of style found in the book and movie.

“When I walked into the set, they had the Anna Karenina music playing,” says Regina. “All the classical elements, the moodiness. It actually made me cry.” Regina started at the ground level, with mid- 19th century styling. Laser-cut marble in blue and black creates a dark, dramatic atmosphere. Then the palette gets lighter and lighter as the eye moves up. From damask velvet walls to a brilliant, theatrically lit ceiling. All of this is accented by the Landfair Bridge Faucet, with its clean lines and cross handles, and a deep, spacious St. George Freestanding Soaking Tub. “It becomes almost exuberant,” Regina says. “Classic but modern, both abstract and simple. I believe there’s real power in that.”

bathroom remodeling

The mannequin and dress cage paired with fashion drawings by Katie Rogers are a nod to the film version of Anna Karenina that was focused on high fashion.
bathroom remodeling

Lavish detailing and glamorous accessories serve to underline the inherent beauty of the DXV Landfair bridge faucet.

Everything in the film was gorgeous and adorned, so I knew I wouldn’t leave the ceiling blank. For this design I originally started with a brilliant white that was left open and clean, without any detail. But I felt we needed a continuation of the abstract below. So I layered in shards of acrylic with this beautiful etching going through it. Then we added deconstructed chandeliers—many of them hanging down from the translucent ceiling. Everything was very customized, the way it is in the theater.

bathroom remodeling

Regina's relentless pursuit of exquisite detailing shows in all of her work and was beautifully translated in her vignettes for DXV.
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