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like water for chocolate

lori gilder and rebecca reynolds

lori and rebecca

Lori Gilder is the owner and founder of Interior Makeovers, Inc. based in Los Angeles, California. She has been a featured guest on multiple HGTV shows and a contributor to television, print and digital media platforms. Her award-winning full service interior design firm specializes in custom solutions for homes and vacation properties throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Rebecca Reynolds, owner of New Canaan Kitchens based in Fairfield County Connecticut, is one of the nation’s leading kitchen and bath designers. She is known for her distinctive award-winning portfolio of luxury projects that can be seen throughout New England, the South, California and Europe. Many of Rebecca’s kitchen projects are classic in nature, reflecting her client’s personal aesthetic and a style that compliments the architecture of their homes.

Together, Lori and Rebecca have co-founded The Kitchen Design Network, an inspirational online resource for kitchen obsessed consumers, designers and brands that features creative inspiration, products, renovation tips and a kitchen design hotline.

Facebook: KitchenDesignNetwork

Twitter: @KitchenDesNtwrk

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“Like Water for Chocolate” depicts a family whose entire history revolves around their kitchen. Sadness, anger, passion. We wanted to capture all of that.
bathroom renovation

In "Like Water for Chocolate, Tita, the heroine, loses herself in the passion for cooking to escape the sorrow of a lost love. The teardrops suspended from the ceiling, culminate in one single tear drop pendant by Moshe Bursuker in this stunning space.
bathroom renovation

The terrace, as place for gathering and eating, was of equal importance to the book and was re-imagined by the designers with a wedding cake made entirely of Pop Round Vessel Sinks as focal point.

“It’s a story of unrequited love and romance,” says Rebecca. “There’s romance, sadness, anger, incredible passion. It’s also from a time when women didn’t have choices.” To convey all of this, she and Lori had to think of every element from a richly creative and emotional point of view. They took a few unconventional liberties with design, such as the tower of three rose-strewn Pop Vessel Sinks that became an exquisite, bejeweled wedding cake.

bathroom renovation

Open fire, symbolizing the heat of passion in the book, is mirrored by exquisite bronze tile by Pratt & Larsen and accentuated by cool clean lines of the DXV Pop Vessel Sink and Isle Kitchen Faucet.

Open fire, symbolizing the heat of passion in the book, is mirrored by exquisite bronze tile by Pratt & Larsen and accentuated by cool clean lines of the DXV Pop Vessel Sink and Isle Kitchen Faucet.

We started with tile that emits a fiery quality, along with a real fireplace with flames that are reflected across the surfaces of the room. It’s glazed and crackled with a warm, inviting glow. There’s a stately range, like a piece of sculpture in the kitchen. Then we found a beautiful pendant light fixture that we hung with matching, smaller, teardrop-shaped ornaments. It’s a great juxtaposition. And rough-hewn shelves with an herb garden provide both elegance and practicality.

bathroom renovation

Glorious detailing abounds in the spaces created by Rebecca and Lori as they paired rough hewn wood counters with modern appliances by Miele and the DXV Contemporary Pot Filler.

Everything is about flowing with our design—the tears, the chocolate, the water. We created this fountain that is fed from atop with the Equility Tub Spout. The water flows into the Hillside Apron Kitchen Sink then out the side into the vessels and it just keeps going.

bathroom renovation

Not a detail was withheld that would make the story come to life including all the ingredients of a sumptuous meal.


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