DXV Unveils Lush, Artful Spaces Created By 2015 Design Panel

Jun 4, 2015

Exquisite Kitchen and Bath Vignettes Reinvent Classic Literature; Luxury Portfolio of Fixtures and Faucets Serve as Focal Points in Dramatic Settings

- Read more about the 2015 DXV Design Panel and download the high resolution image kit here.

PISCATAWAY, N.J. (June 4, 2015) ― In 2014, DXV by American Standard made a striking debut, collaborating with a team of talented designers to produce five unique and well-appointed spaces to celebrate the launch of the elegant and refined inaugural collections.

This year, seven talented designers from the U.S. and Canada – Lori Gilder, Lisa Mende, Tami Ramsay, Rebecca Reynolds, Krista Nye Schwartz, Justin Shaulis and Regina Sturrock – were selected as members of the 2015 DXV Design Panel.

These designers were challenged to create a bath or kitchen design concept drawing on the DXV portfolio of products and guided by the premise of Reinventing the Classics, formulating a visual translation of a well-known piece of literature.

The 2015 DXV Design Panel created the following Classics-inspired spaces:

Lori Gilder and Rebecca Reynolds – Like Water for Chocolate

- Download Lori and Rebecca's high resolution image kit here.

Lori Gilder and Rebecca Reynolds are co-founders of the Kitchen Design Network. This newly-launched luxury kitchen resource serves the design community and seeks to “inspire, connect, bridge and inform.”

Gilder and Reynolds designed a creative, emotional kitchen set to capture the mood of Like Water for Chocolate. The team incorporated innovative, unconventional elements to capture the romance, sadness, and passion of the story. These components included an exquisite wedding cake made of three sleek, contemporary DXV Pop vessel sinks strewn with rose petals, chocolate, and crystals.

“Everything is about flowing with our design – the tears, the chocolate, the water, even a fountain that is fed from atop with the DXV Equility tub spout,” explained Gilder and Reynolds. Glazed tiles that reflect the flames from the fireplace and simple shelves add a warm, inviting feeling to the space.

Lisa Mende – Breakfast at Tiffany’s

- Download Lisa's high resolution image kit here.

Lisa Mende is founder and principal of Lisa Mende Design. For 16 years, she has made her mark throughout the Southeast with her unique blend of traditional and modern aesthetics.

For her DXV Design Panel vignette, Mende was inspired by the iconic character of Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

To symbolize Holly’s simple roots and high class goals, Mende blended retro elements like rough-hewn floors and brick walls, with zebra prints and the sleek DXV Pop lavatory and Rem vessel faucet, adding an upscale, modern feeling to the set.

“My design is about taking a bit of mid-century chic – with the lighting and the atmosphere – then combining it with classic, high-society elements,” Mende described. The unmistakeable Tiffany shade of blue and the striking DXV St. George soaking tub complete this beautifully feminine room.

Tami Ramsay and Krista Nye Schwartz – Water For Elephants

- Download Tami and Krista's high resolution image kit here.

Tami Ramsay and Krista Nye Schwartz are co-owners and principal interior designers of Cloth & Kind, a residential and commercial interior design firm. Their creations are inspired by their international travels and characterized by an imaginative mix of textures and styles.

For their set, Ramsay and Schwartz envisioned a dreamy, circus-inspired dressing room for heroine Marlena in Water for Elephants. The room contrasts rich textures and matte, worn-looking elements with the newly-introduced, gleaming white DXV Oak Hill freestanding soaking tub and vintage-inspired brass faucets from the Traditional and Randall collections.

“Our interiors tend to be very layered and appear curated over time,” said Ramsay. “That’s really our M.O.” Quirky details like a stuffed peacock and an antique costume trunk add unique character to this big top bathroom scene.

Justin Shaulis – A Room with a View

- Download Justin's high resolution image kit here.

Justin Shaulis is a New York-based architect and designer with over 15 years of experience in architecture and interior design. In 2002, he founded his own firm, Justin Shaulis, Inc., creating a studio environment that utilizes holistic design methodologies. Justin has starred as the design host on the HGTV series “Home Rules.”

Taking his cues from A Room with a View, Justin created a set with two vignettes designed to symbolize the way main character Lucy feels torn between the two men in her life. A masculine, English-inspired room evokes the character of Cecil and his proper, 19th-century life with the minimalist form of the DXV Equility soaking tub and the architecturally-inspired Contemporary floor mount tub filler. Meanwhile, Shaulis depicted the character of George in a light-filled space featuring an elegant Equility trough sink and luminous Percy faucets, which with their simple ring handles were selected because they call to mind a wedding.

“I was feeling inspired by Lucy’s struggles with the two men in her life,” said Shaulis. “There’s the one she’s supposed to marry, versus the one who’d give her a bigger life.”

Regina Sturrock – Anna Karenina

- Download Regina's high resolution image kit here.

Regina Sturrock heads her own interior design firm, Regina Sturrock Design Inc., specializing in renovations and new builds within the luxury home market. Her work aims to bring clients’ surroundings into harmony with their unique spirits and personalities.

Her set was inspired by the moody mid-19th century style of Anna Karenina. She began at the ground level, where laser-cut marble in blue and black created a dark, dramatic feeling. As the eye moves up, the palette grows lighter and more dazzling, approaching a theatrically lit ceiling.

“It becomes almost exuberant,” Sturrock explained. “Classic but modern, both abstract and simple. I believe there’s real power in that.” The glamorous DXV St. George freestanding tub and clean, classic styling of the Landfair bridge faucet complete the romantic atmosphere of this room.

This is the second exclusive Design Panel assembled for the DXV luxury bath and kitchen brand. The inaugural DXV Design Panel of 2014 included Cheryl Kees Clendon, Mary Douglas Drysdale, Meredith Heron, Corey Klassen, Marilyn Russell, and Susan Serra.

DXV luxury kitchen and bath products are available through an exclusive network of American Standard showrooms and dealers across North America. For more information, visit www.dxv.com or call (800) 227-2734.


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