Architizer: What's the Deal With Faucets

Jul 24, 2017

Architizer is highlighting a different building product and how to specify it and features the 3D Metal Printed Faucet by DXV

If structure is the bones of a building and cladding its skin, then fixtures are its jewelry, right? Door handles, chandeliers and automatic bidets are the bright and shiny bits that are tacked on to buildings to make them pretty, no? No! How dare you belittle such important pieces of hardware!

Some fixtures, faucets, for example, are much more than pretty baubles. There’s a whole world of engineering that has gone into their design and production, and they’re able to achieve feats of physics that took centuries to perfect. Give them the respect that they deserve! When you’re picking out faucets, there’s a lot more you can think about than which one looks the nicest (but let’s be honest, that’s pretty important, too).


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