House Beautiful: Pampering Comes Easy in This Gilded Master Bath

Feb 21, 2017

A subdued take on glamour makes this a luxuriously stunning space.

Even though Matthew Quinn's client loves glam — "bling's her thing!" — he took a more understated approach to luxe when designing the master bathroom in her newly built home in Atlanta.

"I wanted to evoke a hushed spa," Quinn says. "It's still sumptuous and shiny, because I'm also on Team Gleam, but it's done in a subtle way."

The homeowner, who has twin toddlers and a full-throttle schedule, envisioned a multitasking space that combines pampering with practicality — efficient on rushed weekday mornings, indulgent during weekend bubble baths. Using the local Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery as a one-stop source for plumbing and lighting fixtures, Quinn created an evocative retreat with real-world livability. Marble floor and shower tiles in grays and whites established the posh yet pared-down tone. A freestanding tub with minimalist lines — "it resembles a sleek sculpture," Quinn says — is heated by a space-saving in-wall gas fireplace.


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