14 Cool Faucets That Will Add Excitement to Your Kitchens, Baths

Jun 8, 2016

DXV 3D Printed Faucet featured as 1 of 14 cutting-edge kitchen and bath faucets

The faucet is arguably the most frequently used item in a kitchen or a bath, so you need to choose one that will stand up to daily chores. With the proliferation of open-plan living, you also want a faucet that makes a bold statement in the kitchen or one that will give an invigorating shower in the bath.

Faucets do a lot more work than even construction professionals realize, so it’s a good idea not to cheap out on a low-quality product to save money. Fortunately, faucets in general are better today, so you should (should) get reliable performance from most of them.

“Leaky faucets could be a thing of the past with top-notch valves and tough finishes now common on all but the cheapest models,” Consumer Reports says. “Most faucets also have lifetime warranties (for the original buyer) that cover defects and even finishes.” In the publication’s estimate, there are few performance differences between brands.


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