The First Residential 3D Printed Faucets

Jan 20, 2016

American Standard Brands Shows Off Avante-Garde Style with DXV Line

While building or remodeling a home can be an enormous endeavor overall, it’s the little things that can be so much fun. From picking out paint colors to choosing appliances, being able to show your personality with individual accents is exciting.

I’ve always thought you could tell a lot about someone by their kitchen sink and faucet, which is often the center of our universe, strangely. Many of us spend what might be considered an inordinate amount at that station, peering into the porcelain or cast iron abyss of dishes and draining water. Whether you choose just the basic stainless steel cheap-deal, an elegant design, or even a splashy color, having so many new choices today is just plain cool. And American Standard Brands is showing us that with 3D printing, they are able to open an entirely new world of customization–and offer such elegant, intricate designs that indeed, your envious neighbor’s brow will furrow, initially puzzled as to how water travels through the channels of your newfangled faucet system (that you, ahem, paid quite the pretty penny for).

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