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Meet Jennie Schmanko

Meet Jennie Lee Schmanko, design gallery consultant, jewelry designer and dog rescuer, Aaron and Company, New Brunswick, NJ.

She brings you…
three and a half years of decorative plumbing experience. “I started out as an assistant and grew into sales. It’s a good fit for me. My family has always been into home improvement and remodeling so I had a basic concept of plumbing and wanted to learn more.  I’ve always been drawn to design and crafts as well.” 

She specializes… 

in residential projects of all sizes, both remodeling and new construction, working with builders, contractors and plumbers. She is adept at handling all sorts of complex baths, such as a challenging one recently with all custom quartz for a vanity top, dressing table, walk-in shower and more.  “It was very tricky because not everything could be templated so the measurements had to be exact. And it turned out gorgeous!”  

She will help you…
first by discussing the general type of bath you are looking for and any particular items you may have in mind. She’ll find out if you have a contractor or plumber, what your timeline is, and what sort of budget you may have. She’ll also need to know what stage your project is in, such as whether valves are already in place, for example.

Then she’ll guide you around the showroom, pointing out styles that might suit you. “We find the right look and finish for your budget.”

Finally she’ll send you off with some “homework” such as verifying measurements and sizes, and honing in on a style. 

“I know sometimes there can be information overload when people first come into the showroom. I want to set you up with products you’ll be happy with.”

She makes it easy…

by working through the whole process with you, whether it’s one bath or multiple baths. “We come up with the whole cohesive plan for one bath, then move onto the next.  I like to start with the shower or tub faucets, as the plumber needs these valves first. Then we can move on to the same look for the vanity faucet.”

She warns…
you not to be swayed by looking too much on online or watching too many TV shows. “You may end up seeing things that are unrealistic for what’s possible in your home and what your budget can afford. We have the expertise and we stand behind what we sell, so we can help ensure you have the right pieces, value, and trim pieces for your needs.”

She understands…
it can be hard to know where to start if you don’t have a contractor or plumber.  “We can give out names of people our customers have used in the past. But we encourage you to do your own due diligence and get at least three quotes to be sure everyone is in the same ballpark.”

She goes beyond…

product selection by helping you put it all together: tile, paint, vanity, fixtures, tops.  “We make sure everything looks professionally done with a nice style to it, whether it’s all matching or has complementary design elements. Not all items in each collection are available, but we can find the right pieces for you. And of course we make sure it all functions properly.” 

She is seeing…
a lot of gray and white right now, as well as chrome coming back.  “And there is some interest in brass but it can be hard to find and expensive.” 

She appreciates…
The DXV Golden Era Movement with its true expressions of tradition. “It’s my favorite, a little industrial, not fussy and not too contemporary. I am especially fond of the Pop and Keefe Collections, with their clean lines and a bit of glamour from the Roaring 20s.”



Pop Collection from DXV Golden Era Movement (Designer credit to Marilyn Russell from the DXV 2014 Design Panel)


Keefe Vessel Faucet from DXV Golden Era Movement

She loves…
anything crafty, from refinishing vintage furniture to designing jewelry. She does wire wrapping with semiprecious beads and stones, as well as soldering rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces, all of which you can find at area craft shows.

And then there are her three rescue pups: a Lab, a shepherd and a hound dog. “The hound dog is from Aruba and hates the water and the heat, but loves the snow!”