Each year, KBIS showcases the latest innovations from the kitchen and bath sphere—the spaces that homeowners are spending more time in and more money renovating. With the new year come new products and trends in these areas. Sleek designs and darker finishes on fittings continue to be popular, while many companies introduced appliances in brighter shades of blue. Innovative and durable surfaces also play a prominent role when creating kitchens, and several graphic designs were on display last week. When it comes to technology, the connected home has become integral to the lifestyle on offer. Showers, faucets, refrigerators, and ovens now have the ability to connect to your phone, tablet, and Alexa, which seemed to be the device that was at almost every booth. While it may take some time for this type of living to become widespread, filling the bathtub while on the commute home or preheating the oven at grocery store will soon become second nature.


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