Even a simple bathroom can be made into a spalike oasis with the right pieces. When it comes to designing a space worthy of hours of relaxation, architect Jay Hugo from 3north has some advice to share. “Baths with a focal point are as comfortable as a furnished room,” says Hugo, “A natural centerpiece like a freestanding tub makes a powerful design statement, and can be considered a work of art or sculpture.” Fit is an important consideration. Positioning a freestanding piece under a window or near a chandelier (per standard code, a fixture should be three feet away horizontally from the tub) creates that dramatic look. Once the tub is placed, there should be enough room around the perimeter to fit a towel rack. This will keep the space from looking too tight and make cleaning easier, too. “A footed tub that has open-air surrounding it looks and feels expansive,” Hugo says. Read on for more ideas to get the spa bath you’ve always wanted.


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