Not just another metal faucet in a metal faucet world, this is one showpiece that you’ll absolutely want to bring home! American Standard, a U.S based faucet manufacturing company has created this line of 3D printed metal faucets called ‘DXV‘, that are a work of art within themselves. Elegant in form and unique in design, these metal faucets have been fabricated using the laser sintering technique. For those unfamiliar, laser sintering is a form of 3D printing that utilizes powerful lasers to heat and fuse metal into the desired form.

The whole printing process takes around 24 hours to finish. The printed texture is a little rough at first, so in order to achieve its final result, the printed faucet requires to be sanded and polished manually after it cools down. To ensure that the faucet channel curvature does not hinder or obstruct the water flow, American Standard uses computational fluid dynamic technology.

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