Alan Tanksley

Alan Tanksley

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Geometric Abstraction

  • Alan Tanksley, Beauty Shot
  • Alan Tanksley, Beauty Shot
  • Detail Shot
  • Detail Shot, DXV Randall Vessel Faucet
  • Detail Shot, DXV Randall Vessel Faucet
  • DXV Pop Sink and Randall Vessel Faucet
  • Shower, DXV Randall Collection
  • DXV Fitzgerald Toilet and Bidet
  • DXV Fitzgerald Toilet
  • DXV Fitzgerald Bidet Toilet
  • DXV Fitzgerald Freestanding Soaking Tub
  • Transitional Floor Mounted Bathtub Faucet with Randall Lever Handles
  • Alan Tanksley

“The soul of this room begins with the floor and moves up. But instead of primary colors, I used tones that represent my design point of view.”
– Alan Tanksley

The couple that lives here are looking in these grand mirrors, looking out the window, looking over their shoulders at each other and pinching themselves like, “This is heaven.”

The Golden Era Movement
ushered in abstract art as a new way to explore reality. “It was the contemporary art of its time,” explains Alan. Here, he lays a foundation of restful tones that make a bold architectural statement without compromising serenity.


The Fitzgerald Freestanding Soaking Tub is artfully centered, then edged in diaphanous drapery, to create yet another quiet homage to geometry.


Even Alan’s mix of product selections—from the Randall Faucet Collection to the Pop Rectangle Vessel Lavatory—echo how past and present can work together to create novel artistic expressions. In the end, this orchestrated dance of soft and bold, old and new, offers cool respite before a morning at the café, an afternoon at the museum or an evening at the opera.



I don’t do it to be contentious, but having a variety of things that play well together is more interesting. The DXV line is brilliant because it answers so many different perspectives.