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A tale of four cities: The DXV Design Panel 2016 Launch Party

Last month marked the launch of DXV’s third design panel project, gathering media, design VIPs and industry insiders for a night to remember at DXV’s Manhattan showroom. This year’s, and consequently the party’s, theme was “Iconic Cities” an inspired interpretation of Charleston, New York, Palm Springs and Miami set into the context of DXV’s four movements: Classic (1890 – 1920), Golden Era (1920 – 1950), Modern (1950 – 1990) and Contemporary (1990 – today). 

Please be sure to follow the links at the bottom of this page for all 2016 projects and enjoy these highlights from the launch party. 


Design Panelists from 2014 and 2015 joined the 2016 team, dressed to kill and ready to spend a wonderful evening with friends, design celebs and media to celebrate the four new projects.

From left to right front row: Veronika Miller (CEO Modenus and DXV Design Panel producer); Richard T. Anuszkiewicz (Richar Living, Washington DC. Design Panel 2016); Susan Jamieson (Bridget Beari Designs, Richmond VA. Design Panel 2016); Genevieve Ghaleb (XY Contemporary, Montreal. Design Panel 2016); Corey Klassen (Corey Klassen Interior Design, Vancouver BC. Design Panel 2014); Lisa Mende (Lisa Mende Design, Charlotte NC. Design Panel 2015).

From left to right second row: Beth Dotolo and Carolina Gentry (Pulp Design Studios, Seattle WA and Dallas TX. Design Panel 2016); Cheryl Nagle Kees Clendenon (In Detail Interiors, Pensacola Beach, FL. Design Panel 2014); Regina Sturrock (Regina Sturrock Design, Toronto ON. Design Panel 2015); Rebecca Reynolds and Lori Gilder (The Kitchen Design Network, Los Angeles CA and New Canaan, CT. Design Panel 2015); Meredith Heron (Meredith Heron Design, Toronto ON. Design Panel 2014); Justin Shaulis (Justin Shaulis, New York NY. Design Panel 2015). 



Acapella band “For the Times” provided the evening’s soundtrack with city themed songs to introduce each of the four projects. 




Even food & cocktails were themed by city with delectable treats representative of the four cities like miniature chicken & waffles and even more miniature Rubens, oysters Rockefeller and Lemony Lobster Salad – we know, we know, it’s a dirty job! 



With live and video presentations on the showroom screen wall the projects were front and center all night long but not to worry, you can also find presentations and more about the DXV Design Panel over here on YouTube.



A full house comprised of design celebs, media, industry insiders and the executive team from DXV.



The DXV Design Panel 2016! Beautiful people and beautiful projects. 



If you happen to find yourself in the Flatiron District (15 W 20th Street to be exact) please stop by to catch the some of the vibe on big screens and have a look around at DXV’s stellar new collections. 


Susan Jamison: Southern Classic Charleston
Richard T. Anuzkiewicz: The Golden Apple New York City
Beth Dotolo & Carolina Gentry: Mid-Centry Resort: Palm Springs
Genevieve Ghaleb: Contemporary Beach Miami