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Interview with Richard T Anuszkiewicz

If design were a person, it surely would look a lot like Richard T Anuszkiewicz, kitchen designer and public speaker from Annapolis and owner of lifestyle brand Richar Living. A keen sense of style, a desire to uncover roads not yet traveled and an absolute conviction that the best is just good enough – I knew that Richard was “One to Watch” when we first met. I am sure that there’s a lot more to come from the general direction of Richard A2Z as he calls himself on social media. 


Richard's passion for design has led him to launch the renowned #FASHIONFORWARD Tour, speaking nationally at premier industry events including Dwell on Design Los Angeles and KBIS Las Vegas.  

1. Where, when and why did you start your design business?

I first started receiving Architectural Digest in 6th grade and the rest is history…

2. What does design mean to you?
Design is life.  It is all around us every day.  Design is inspiration.  It is the simple color of a flower in nature or the shape of a beautiful sports car.  The world we interact with regularly is full of beautiful and interesting imperfections.  It is imperative we stay connected to it. 

3. What are the goals you want to achieve in any design you create?
For me, it is always most important to achieve the wow-factor in every design.  The wow-factor is the idea of creating an experience for the user.  The fact that a space can evoke so much positive feeling that the user can’t even necessarily articulate what they love so much about it.  That is powerful. That is the wow-factor. 


4. What challenges do you face in your design process?
You mean this grueling beast we wrestle with every day?  The design process is a gauntlet of six magnificent phases but I think above all, the greatest test is being the chameleon to the client.  Making sure that you take their raw energy and ideas and enhance it in every which way imaginable. 

5. What do you think your design brings to the industry?
Ever since I can remember, I have dreamed about bringing innovative, thought-provoking ideas to the market.  Material selections or combinations and execution techniques that are forward-thinking and distinctive are what I continually strive to bring to the industry. 

6. What would you like to achieve in your design in the future?
Now and in the future, it is a priority of mine to make a positive impact on people’s lives.  That is the most rewarding aspect of this line of work.  You get to connect with so many fantastic people along the way and you share this design and construction journey with them.  The ride should be fun and gratifying and it forms a bond that is unparalleled.   One day, I hope to have all of my treasured past clients and colleagues at my retirement party! 

7. What would you like to see change or evolve in the design industry?
As the world continually evolves, so does our industry.  It is vital for designers to empower each other and realize we are stronger together.  Creative synergy has infinite potential.    

8. What is your favorite kind of design project?
Luxury kitchens are my calling card.  : )