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Interview with Beth Dotolo and Carolina Gentry

Going into their 10th year as Pulp Design Studios, the award winning designers Beth Dotolo and Carolina Gentry did not only navigate through a tough economy they also make working remotely from separate locations, Dallas and Seattle, look fun, hip, cool and as easy as a breeze on Puget Sound.

The two designers pride themselves, rightfully we might add, in their Splendid Living approach. A design style that takes into consideration how the clients really do live paired with Pulp’s inimitable sense of chic styling and a big helping of functional space planning that hails from years of experience, particularly in the areas of commercial and hospitality design.

Beth and Carolina are our second design team we want to introduce to you as we prepare for the launch of DXV’s Design Panel 2016 on September 15 in NYC. To learn more about the designers that have participated in the project in previous years click here and stay tuned to #DXVTopSecret on social media. 

modernist staircase

A modernist staircase becomes an integral part of a carefully edited living space where every piece has its place. We love the use of blue in this space which add interest and balance without distracting. 

Where, when and why did you start your design business?
We were both designing in the hospitality and commercial industry for several years in Dallas, Texas. In 2007 we formed Pulp Design Studios because we wanted to bring more meaning to the design we were doing. We reached a pivot point and formed our partnership. It all began with moonlighting and we really flourished through a tough financial time in our economy because we were able to provide a clear value in a luxury market. Almost 10 years later we have two studios, in Dallas and Seattle, and work nationally designing individualized projects for our amazing clients and have some product lines in the works.

What does design mean to you?
Interior design is meant to tell stories, evoke emotion, and enhance the daily experience.

monochromatic living room

Texture meets shape in this monochromatic living room. The result is a visually interesting, comfortable yet modern space. 

What are the goals you want to achieve in any design you create?
We always strive for personalized design and work to create a completely unique design, through solving each client’s individual set of challenges. Our goal is to end up with spaces that elevate our client’s daily experience and gently challenge our client’s to take the risk of telling their own story through their space. We love that our clients are either fearless or push past their fears to trust us to tell their story.

What challenges do you face in your design process?
Every design presents a unique set of challenges. It’s those challenges that spark our creative juices and help us to create something truly individual. But,of course, the constant challenge of striking the perfect balance of budget, timing, and quality is present in each project. Every client places their value in different places and it’s our job to explore what’s most important to them and meet their expectations. We have a unique ‘Splendid Living’ process that we use for our clients at the beginning of each project that helps us identify our client’s unique set of challenges and preferences. It’s fun, interactive, and allows us to create a sense of luxury for our clients, no matter what their feasible project scope is.


Masculine lines in this office are offset by playful safari elements, making this as much a workspace as a room to relax and reflect. 

What do you think your design brings to the industry?
We have achieved a style that is dynamic, layered, and elevated but still manages to be completely approachable and livable. The clients who come to us tell us that our design evokes a warmth and a soul that really strikes a chord with them, which to us is so important in design. But,behind the scenes, we bring true professionalism. We run a business and our clients’ projects are treated very seriously with timelines, deliverables, and budgets. An organized business approach is so important in our industry when what we do is practically intangible until the end.

What would you like to achieve in your design in the future?
We hope to continue to work on incredible projects that mean something to our clients. We also hope to bring our design philosophy to life through products that we can meaningfully incorporate into our projects and that we can also offer to the market at large.  We have such a unique design perspective that it’s hard to find what we have envisioned for a client. Given our backgrounds in hospitality and commercial interior design, we are so accustomed to designing everything custom when we can’t find it. We always strive for functional, purposeful, and incredibly stylish design. We hope to share that with consumers as the Pulp brand. We focus on more than just style, but how people live. That should be shared.

master bedroom

Cool greys meet feminine curves in the master bedroom sitting area once again illustrating the Pulp signature of shapes being used to set the tone of the space. 

What would you like to see change or evolve in the design industry?
We hope to see the industry push for greater education about what interior design truly is. Our hope is a better understanding of the value interior design can bring both financially and through a lifestyle return on investment. We can help avoid costly mistakes and we save our clients money on furnishings. But, more importantly, as true educated professionals who stay abreast of what’s happening in our industry and care about how our client’s live, we can actually improve our client’s quality of life. We hope our industry can really educate the public on the value a designer brings and how to choose the right designer who represents our industry well.

What is your favorite kind of design project?
We absolutely love new construction and renovation projects! They each present a unique set of challenges. When we are involved early in the project we are able to work as part of a collaborative team with the architects, contractors and client. We are incredibly strong at architectural space planning, finishes, and lighting, so it’s always fun for us to be able to have more control over the project outcome from start the finish. When we are involved at the onset of a project, we are able to cast a vision from the inside out, rather than from the outside in. We start with thinking about how the client lives first and build a space around our client.