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Color Me Happy- Summer Colors to Freshen Up Your Home

People often ask me about the trends I see when we travel and report from design shows around the world. We talk about styles, product features, new materials and, of course, color. Having said that, I need to add that I’m not a friend of trend discussions because, in my mind, the beauty of design is that trends are meant to be countered and rules are meant to be broken. Today, I’ve collected a few color favorites to perhaps inspire you to go forth and paint, wallpaper, accessorize or upholster something and embrace color in a new way.
Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse in NYC
Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse in NYC allows designers to get bold and think out of the box in their annual exhibit. In 2014, we fell in love with those mottled blue walls in the salon designed by Mendelson Group which paired beautifully with natural wood tones and soft shades of pink.
Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse in NYC
Also at Kips Bay in 2014 was what could easily be considered the world’s most photographed closet. The space, created by the king of kitchen design, Christopher Peacock was a revelation in pink from top to bottom and inside out. If this color doesn’t scream summer (even in winter) we don’t know what does.
Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse in NYC
While the two images above show use of bold color as statement, Mark D Sikes created a dining room at this year’s Kips Bay Showhouse that so masterfully balanced warm reds, creams and touches of blue to where they became neutrals. Imagine, an almost completely red room that manages to be this peaceful and serene.
Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint
Inspired to add some color to a wall or cabinet yet? Here’s Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint. Originally from England but now a global brand, Chalk Paint is perfect for painting wood surfaces without having to sand or otherwise prep them. Chalk Paint is made to adhere to cabinets furniture, trim or molding and comes in a rainbow of beautiful colors. Delicious isn’t it?
Painted Cabinetry by Meredith Heron
Painting a piece of furniture is a wonderful way to breathe new life into a vintage piece and to create a quick custom element in a space. But what about painted cabinetry? I say (no, I scream from the rooftops) YES, YES, YES! Have fun with a painted library wall or even with painted cabinets in the kitchen. It’s your space and it should reflect who you are and make you smile every time you walk in the door. The stunner above is created by DXV Design Panelist Meredith Heron who is known for her love of color and pattern, so be sure to have a look at her work.
Color and Patterns by Diane von Fuerstenberg for Kravet
And I leave you with this fireworks of color and patterns by Diane von Fuerstenberg for Kravet. Remember what I said about breaking rules earlier? Well, it’s happening here. I’m sure your mother often told you never to mix oranges or reds with pinks, didn’t she? And guess, what? You missed out. Mix away! It’s never too late for you to embrace your inner artiste and have fun with color.