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DXV Design Panel 2015 Launch Event in New York City


Last week marked the introduction of DXV’s newest Design Panel during a media event at DXV’s Manhattan showroom. Seven notable designers had been invited to collaborate on five design vignettes inspired by classical pieces of literature including Anna Karenina, Like Water for Chocolate, Water for Elephants, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and A Room With a View.

DXV Design Panel

The DXV Design Panel 2015 from left to right: Regina Sturrock, Tami Ramsay, Krista Nye Schwartz, Justin Shaulis, Rebecca Reynolds, Lori Gilder and Lisa Mende.

For the launch party, the designers came together as group for the first time after having spent nearly five months designing and shooting the individual vignettes.


The evening’s theme was supported by beautifully crafted delectable hors d’oeuvres and cocktails that were also inspired by the five literary masterworks.


Five actors represented each of the vignette themes, from left to right: Anna Karenina, George from Room with a View, Marlena from Water for Elephants, Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Tita from Like Water for Chocolate.

During the event, five actors, dressed as characters from the books, introduced the respective designers to much applause, laughter and even a few tears from the attentive audience. The designers then followed up by sharing the vision for their project and how they interpreted the stories through design and DXV products:

Lisa Mende, Breakfast at Tiffany's

Lisa Mende’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Lisa Mende created a modern version of Holly Golightly’s New York apartment complete with brick walls and rough hewn floors and then layered in Holly’s dream of glitz and glamour with Pelle Design bubble chandelier, elaborate Metrie doors and moldings, brass accent pieces and zebra patterned hides on cabinet fronts. Her DXV inspiration came from the modern REM faucet, POP vessel sinks and St George’s bubble tub. Please view all project images here.

Justin Shaulis, A Room with a View

Justin Shaulis’ A Room with a View

Justin Shaulis’ interpretation of A Room With a View focuses on Lucy’s confusion about love which he depicts through the symbolism of the book's two locations, Florence Italy and Sussex England. His English vignette is dark, masculine and severe whereas the Florentine vignette mirrors the happiness and lightheartedness Lucy experiences there. Justin anchored the Edwardian vignette with floors by Exquisite surfaces to frame DXV’s Lyndon tub and contemporary tub filler while the Florentine vignette boasts marble by Walker Zanger, DXV’s Lyndon double trough sink and Percy faucet. Click here for more project images.

Rebecca Reynolds and Lori Gilder, Like Water for Chocolate

Rebecca Reynolds and Lori Gilder’s Like Water for Chocolate

Lori and Rebecca created two vignettes depicting the two most significant spaces in Like Water for Chocolate. The kitchen in which our heroine Tita transfers heartache over a lost love into passion over food and the terrace, location for eating, drinking and general merriment. Both spaces are laced with symbolism such as teardrops suspended from the ceiling including the teardrop pendant by Moshe Bursuker and the wedding cake made entirely of DXV’s POP vessel sinks. Other design elements include cement tile flooring via Filmore Clark, wall tile by Pratt & Larsen and DXV’s rectangular POP vessel sink and Isle kitchen faucet and contemporary pot filler. Click here for more project images.

Regina Sturrock, Anna Karenina

Regina Sturrock’s Anna Karenina

Regina dove deep into the psyche of Anna Karenina with her space showing the gradual emotional change in the book’s heroine as she leaves the darkness of her unhappy marriage and soars to new heights of happiness and love. The change in emotions is mirrored in dark marble floors by Artsaics, the luxurious shapes of vanity details by Art for Everyday, the padded ombre walls using fabric by Romo and upwards past ombre painted walls to a deconstructed ceiling and chandeliers. Regina was inspired by the feminine curves of DXV’s St.George freestanding tub and Traditional tub filler as well as by the classic lines of the Landfair bridge faucet that accentuates the hand cut mirrors. Click here for more project images.

Tami Ramsay and Krista Nye Schwartz, Water for Elephants

Tami Ramsay and Krista Nye Schwartz’s Water for Elephants

Tami and Krista pulled all the stops with their interpretation of Water for Elephants by creating a private retreat for the book’s heroine Marlena. The setting is an old train car, complete with cerused oak walls and a brass luggage rack which then received the Cloth & Kind layer of eclecticism, the design team’s trademark. Bold wallpaper by Papermills meets luxurious draperies by Tulu Textiles and in the shower tiles by Tempest Tileworks and New Ravenna. Add to that DXV’s newest collection, Oak Hill for tub, sinks, faucets and toilets and you have the most luxurious train car ever created. Click here for more project images.

Had the evening ended after amazing designer presentations it would have already been a roaring success but no, it instead culminated in an even bigger highlight, the launch of DXV’s 3D faucet collection led by American Standard’s VP of Design Jean-Jacques L’Henaff. We promise to bring you more details on this in the very near future.

DXV 3D Faucets

One of three 3D printed faucets by DXV.