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The Capstan Table by DB Fletcher- Art Meets Technology

This isn't new, but it is remarkable. Back in 1835 Robert Jupe, patented his design for an expanding table. A century and a half later. DB Fletcher developed the Fletcher Capstan table. No one else makes a table exactly like this one and DB Fletcher only make a few each year. It is a round table that is amazingly capable of doubling its capacity and, astonishingly, remains truly circular in the process. We have included a video at the bottom of this post – DO NOT MISS IT!

The capstan table in its original, unexpanded, form.

 Image credit: The Gilded Life

When at its original size, the top is made up of six pie shaped leaves, and an outer skirt. Under this first layer lie two more layers of leaves, the first strata made up of six arrow shaped leaves and, under that, a large star shaped leaf. Below all of this lies the magical mechanism, strikingly beautiful in its mechanical complexity. And let’s give DB Fletcher the credit they deserve. The early tables by Mr Jupe were slow, cumbersome and didn’t even store all the parts necessary for their expansion. DB Fletcher took the idea and added the sort of design and engineering expertise that can easily be mistaken for magic.

The "magical" inner workings of the capstan table make it one of the most unique furniture pieces ever designed. 

Image credit: DB Fletcher

All tables are individually designed, and numbered by Handcrafted in Britain. It is a tradition DB Fletcher are very proud of. As DB Fletcher point out, the cost of the table is generally in the tens-of-thousands of pounds. They advise that the installation of this large piece of furniture must also be considered, as it is composed of a number of pieces and has a total weight of about 220 kilos (485 lbs). They will deliver anywhere in the world in a single shipment and then an installation technician, from the UK, completes the assembly on site. And in case you were wondering, they say that they have no overseas agents, showrooms or installers, nor do they currently seek any. If you want a Fletcher Capstan table you are going to have to talk to DB Fletcher.