Veronika Miller

Veronika Miller

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New Series: The DXV Design Panel 2014- Where Are They Now?

This week, one year ago, we proudly launched DXV in New York City with an unforgettable series of parties, dinners, product introductions and, of course, the reveal of our top secret Design Panel Projects. From the start, the DXV collection has resonated with design professionals in North America as a product line that is stylish and beautifully crafted by a company that has made it its mission to elevate design professionals and to celebrate design through the ages.

During this year, DXV has not only continued to develop its product offering but it has also supported design projects, design blogger events and global water initiatives as well as the arts and artisans through its blog and social media channels. Meanwhile, in the same year, the DXV Design Panel has continued to grow and expand its presence in the world of design and we want to celebrate their accomplishments by sharing their year in review before we introduce you to DXV 2015 in June with new products, new design panel members and a series of inspiring new projects.

If you haven’t yet met the DXV Design Panel 2014, please take a moment and learn more about their DXV projects by clicking the links under their images below:

Meredith Heron


Meredith Heron – Modern Gatsby

Susan Serra


Susan Serra – Modern Cottage

Corey Klassen



Corey Klassen – Lofty Visions

Mary Douglas Drysdale


Mary Douglas Drysdale – Flirting with Tradition

Cheryl Kees Clendenon


Cheryl Kees Clendenon – Hitting a High Note

 Marilyn Russell


Marilyn Russell – The Balanced Bath


Please follow our series “DXV Design Panel 2014 – Where Are They Now?” as we catch up with our six designers over the next three months to learn about all things new and exciting in their professional lives.