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Home for the holidays with the DXV Design Panel: Corey Klassen

  • Corey Klassen - Holidays
  • Contemporary Christmas. Photo by Cottages & Gardens.
    Contemporary Christmas. Photo by Cottages & Gardens.
  • Corey Klassen - Holidays
  • A Christmas Story Leg Lamp. Photo via A Christmas Story House Gift Shop.
    A Christmas Story Leg Lamp. Photo via A Christmas Story House Gift Shop.

Today we continue our tour of holiday homes with Corey Klassen CKD, Kitchen and Bath Designer in Vancouver, Canada. Corey is best known for his clean and modern aesthetic but we’ve also seen him veer away from that to embrace a much more eclectic look and feel in his design for DXV

VM: Thanks for spending a few minutes during this busy time of year, Corey.  Can you share with us your fondest holiday memory? It can be anything from your childhood, growing up, from last year or whenever, what is the one holiday event or moment that stands out for you?

CK: Growing up in Southern Manitoba, Christmas always involved driving, visiting, eating, and the bone-chilling cold. My fondest memories of Christmas is Christmas Eve in my Opa's church in Grunthal, Manitoba. The whole evening was built around the story of the Nativity and singing. At the end of the program, the children were given Tutje's - a goodie bag full of peanuts, sweets, and sometimes a toy. One year, mine tasted entirely of perfume.

I can't let this go without the most joyful moment - my mother, brother and I driving late one Christmas Eve in the car (at -40C) to look at Christmas lights in our pajamas and house coats. This is something I do with my hubby to this day.

VM:  What are your typical family traditions for the holidays?

CK: Holidays have changed over the years and my family is a hybrid of Asian traditions and those good ole Mennonite boy ones. Sometimes it's Dim Sum, sometimes it's a complete turkey dinner... what am I saying. It's always a full blown turkey dinner cooked by me in my 50 sq. foot kitchen filled with friends, family, and whomever wants to come. 

It's always an open door!

VM:  Now let's talk about holiday décor. What does your home look like during the holidays? And is there a style you've always coveted but haven't managed to create for your own home?

CK: Small space living doesn't always afford grandeur, so we keep things simple with an under-decorated tree and glass baubles. I'm so close to the Hotel Vancouver that if I feel the need for a bit of holiday glam I just sit in the lobby and soak it all in.

Loving a contemporary theme this year, though, such as these two:

Contemporary Christmas

Or minimalist:

Minimalist Christmas Decor

Or a leg lamp:


VM: We won't judge if you've been naughty or nice, so tell us, what's on your wish list this year?

CK: Socks and underwear. No, but seriously, I've been eyeing a new custom sofa (designed by me, of course) and just may take the leap.