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Meredith Heron's Holiday Inspiration

Today we continue our series of DXV Design Panel holiday inspiration as we chat with Meredith Heron, Interior Designer in Toronto, CA. Meredith's Design Panel Project for DXV was all about the Strong Female and we can't wait to see how she interprets the holidays in her distinct style. If you've missed Meredith's DXV project please click here

Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to share your holiday favorites with Decade XV readers, we know yours must be a very stylish holiday home. Can you share with us your fondest holiday memory? It can be anything from your childhood, growing up, from last year or whenever, what is the one holiday event or moment that stands out for you?

I LOVE Christmas - especially the decorating. My husband is Jewish and is very meh about Christmas and Hannukah for that matter. Fortunately my 5yr old son has inherited my love of decorating for holidays and now I have a co-conspirator,I mean, helper. Last year was the first Christmas he really ‘got’. He gave me a very detailed list of My Little Pony Figures he wanted. I put together his present from Santa - I created an entire Winter Magical Ball on our coffee table right down to fake snow and had his new ponies along with some of his existing ones and a magical Horse carriage all displayed. I had snowflakes hanging like crystals from our chandelier. It was a spectacle. He came down Christmas morning and gasped but his joy quickly turned to rage when he didn’t see Apple Jack in the display. He put both hands on his hips and said, “But I TOLD Santa I wanted APPLE JACK.” He was so put out. I told him to grab the wrapped present next to me and sure enough, Momma and Daddy had already bought him Apple Jack so Santa didn’t want to get him two of the same thing. When he saw Apple Jack in the box, his response… “You KNOW IT!!!!’ Fortunately, I have the entire thing on video. We watch it every few months in our office with our staff who think it is the absolute funniest thing they’ve ever seen.

2. What are your typical family traditions for the holidays?


About a month before Christmas my mom and I begin hemming and hawing about who will host Christmas. I offered to this year because I didn’t want to have to drive out to her place or to my brother’s. True story. We celebrate on Christmas Eve as my mom is Danish and that is Christmas to her. We often get together with my husband’s family if they are in town on Christmas Day. We celebrate Hannukah with his family and extended family but that’s mostly just about food. Both of our families are really all about the food. My husband makes the best Latkes.


3. Now let's talk about holiday décor. What does your home look like during the holidays? And is there a style you've always coveted but haven't managed to create for your own home? Please share pictures of your own holiday home or styles you love from other sources (with credit to those sources).

The wallpaper in my foyer has set the tone for my holiday decorating over the last few years. It’s very Kate Spade meets Key West and therefore my decorating has been a tad more rock n roll than traditional. I’m thinking of changing this up this year but that remains to be seen. If I have the time to get some Magnolia or Cedar Garland, I may do a more natural look this year but if I’m pinched for time, I’m hauling out all the glitter and giving it a whirl one more time! Luke, my 5yr old, has discovered Pinterest and can read and spell now - I may be in trouble! 

4. We won't judge if you've been naughty or nice, so tell us, what's on your wishlist this year?

There’s a particular fur hat on my Facebook avatar that I really need to own. I mean it’s pretty perfect. I’d love to start collecting fine china and crystal - weird I know. I have nowhere to store it but I feel I am ready for it as an actual adult. My husband Asa bought me cashmere last year. I really liked that. He can always do that again. I would LOVE to have my living room ceiling raised a foot and restored back to it’s full Victorian height, plaster crown moulding installed and hardwood installed throughout my main floor and my living room walls lacquered. Think that can happen before New Year's??? A girl can dream.

Photo credits: HGTV and Canadian Family