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Westedge Design Fair 2014 Highlights

Westedge Design Fair is now two years old and the 2014 event met and surpassed all expectations from the previous year. Held in sunny Southern California at Santa Monica's Barker Hangar, Westedge showcases a design style in which modern meets classically beautiful. Modenus brought BlogTour back to the show this year so, along with my gaggle of design and lifestyle bloggers, I visited Westedge on opening day to find a carefully curated selection of stunning home products. The booths vary from some of the biggest names in the design industry to one-of-a-kind artisan creations. My Westedge experience was nothing short of spectacular, and I hope to capture the essence of the show through these particular highlights.

Show Floor at WestEdge Design Fair 2014

The small and curated show floor looked out upon the Barker Hanger runway and the SoCal mountains beyond.

The venue's entrance is outdoors, emphasizing the SoCal vibe that can be recognized throughout the show. The bloggers and I received our press badges and began the day with a media tour at the DXV booth.


DXV by American Standard at WestEdge Design Fair 2014

The DXV booth featured several exquisite new collections that encapsulated the brand by time period. From the Classic Movement (pictured) to the Golden Age, and from Modern to Contemporary, the history and origin of DXV is presented with elegance and style.


The superPAC booth curated by Design Milk captured the attention of many, featuring beautiful lighting fixtures, furniture, and more. The PAC (meaning Pacific) includes designers from the West Coast who have exhibited their work in the Design Milk booth.

SuperPAC DesignMilk at WestEdge Design Fair 2014

The booth's attraction lies in the fact that the inspiration comes from many different designers collaborating together. The style of each piece differs from the next, yet they all somehow work together, creating an alluring play of color, shape and textures.

Jenn-Air Master Class Studio

The Jenn-Air Master Class Studio provided an opportunity for designers and consumers to speak to and learn from notable designers including Kimberly Seldon, Marie Chambers, and Martyn Lawrence Bullard.

Master class Studio at WestEdge Design Fair 2014

The programs include topics on how to transform your business, the importance of gallerists, and the intersection of fashion and home décor.


SMEG is known for upholding its “Made In Italy” standards, which stress the importance of quality, technology, and design (and cuteness).

SMEG at WestEdge Design Fair 2014

Annie Sloan

I was initially drawn to the Annie Sloan booth by its bright colors and was pleased to find those colors in the form of a paint that can be applied to nearly any surface: brass, plastic, glass, wood, you name it.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is made to be used without primer, simplifying the DIY process and allowing anyone to become an artist.

Annie Sloan at WestEdge Design Fair 2014

Elish Warlop

Elish Warlop at WestEdge Design Fair 2014

These Walnut Window Shades are designed to shatter light in different ways depending on the time of day. They can also either connect or divide a room depending on the angle of rotation.

Chasen West Photography

Chasen West Photography at WestEdge Design Fair 2014

Chasen West is a world-traveling photographer that specializes in candid naturally-lit photography. In each photo, he aims to capture the lifestyle of the subject.

Woven Concepts

Woven Concepts at WestEdge Design Fair 2014

Woven Concepts designs handmade-rugs with the utmost focus on precision, texture, quality, and environmental protection. Although Woven Concepts is popular in environmentally-conscious California, the company is world-renowned and spreads the eco-friendly and anti-forced labor initiatives.

Wallpaper Direct

Wallpaperdirect at WestEdge Design Fair 2014

Wallpaperdirect has been around for fifteen years and pride themselves in their variety of samples and efficiency in distribution. The expansive selection of wallpapers they offer can accompany any interior décor and match any consumer's lifestyle.

Lightopia featuring Maurice Connolly

Maurice Connolly at WestEdge Design Fair 2014

20 years ago, Maurice Connolly was inspired by a small sphere made of metal hoops to create his own unique lighting fixtures made from reclaimed materials. For most of his pieces, he uses wine barrel bands and creates spheres ranging in size from as big as 30 feet wide to small hanging baskets, none identical to any other.

Jiff Pom

Jiff the Pom at WestEdge Design Fair 2014

He may not be an interior design icon but I cannot discuss Westedge highlights without mentioning Jiff Pom. You can check out more of this talented fur-lebrity on Instgram at @JiffPom .

Westedge 2014 After Party

If I had to describe Westedge in one word, it would be “full”--full of design connoisseurs, events, innovative design, and inspiration. What a great show it has been. I hope to be back for Westedge 2015.