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DXV Loves NYC Event Highlight: Launch of Flatiron Design Collective

The glitterati gathered on Monday night for what might have been the hottest party in New York City. Flatiron Design Collective's launch attracted many local interior designers, home furnishings professionals and the crème of the crop magazine editors. Sipping Sauvignon Blanc and snacking on various passed hors d'oeuvres, while admiring handcrafted wall coverings by Fromental, hand-knotted area rugs from CL Curated, and JL Create's fashionable furniture pieces, the 7th-floor showroom overflowed with more than 100 guests.



FDC is the culmination of CL Curate, JL Create and Fromental LLC, who have come together to share a great space in the Flatiron district on a mission to work collaboratively with Architects and Designers creating Rugs, Furniture and Wallpaper. Altogether, FDC is a team of world-renowned artisans creating priceless resources for designers to envision and actualize a new level of distinguished design.


For over 25 years, John Lyle has designed outstanding interiors, furniture, and accessories that are not content to blend in with the crowd. The John Lyle collection features handmade sculptural pieces created from hand-cast bronze, steel, wood, shagreen, and parchment.

Exclusively for FDC John Lyle has reinvented the wheel and invites Architects and Designers to meet head to head to design, CREATE, and manufacture custom designs with endless inspiration in exquisite materials, finishes and accessories.


Fromental makes exquisite handmade wallpapers and fabrics. Combining the finest skills together with luxurious fabrics the companies distinctly British style blends historic classicism with a little of London’s fashion scene to produce contemporary, timeless interiors.

Deeply committed to continuing the tradition of the decorative arts; Fromental’s focus on craftsmanship is essential to the elegance of their work, showcasing a mastery of skills such as hand-painting, hand-embroidery and other innovative techniques. Altogether possessing an aim to create beauty throughout.

CL Curated for Royal Intercontinental

CL Curated is a collaborative group of Swedish Textile Designers and American Fine Artists organized by Connie Lee to design and create site-specific rugs for the Design and Architecture Community. The initial collection consists of 44 designs that were created specifically for the shared space at the Flatiron Design Collective. The contemporary designs incorporate a sense of scale and symmetry that is more commonly found in antique and vintage rugs.

The rugs are hand knotted in Nepal by artisans employing techniques that were handed down through generations in family owned factories under the supervision of Gyurme Dondop of Royal Intercontinental


I hope this glimpse of event highlights can give you a feel for what a sophisticated night was had. It was certainly a night for the books, in which friends and associates celebrated the dazzling product reveal of FDC. Here's wishing much success to Flatiron Design Collective!