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Inspiring Tile Trends: Highlights from Cersaie 2014

 Cersaie 2014 – Inspiring Tile Trend Highlights
Image via: AVA – Eden Embientazioni

Known as the ‘Milan furniture fair of ceramics’ – Cersaie tile and bathroom furnishings show was the host to architects, designers and tile manufacturers from over 35 countries – September 22-26, 2014. Bologna, Italy is the perfect locale for the show with its historical generations of tile makers as well as its notoriety for setting the design trends for the rest of the world to follow. With over 100,000 visitors this year at the show it was no wonder that Cersaie was the “talk of the world” this last week and the tile trends didn’t disappoint. From new ways to showcase organic inspired tile such as wood ceramics to a whimsical emergence of colors and prints, tile manufacturers are enjoying the global economy rising again after many recessional years. Take a look at these tile trends from Cersaie that will make you swoon, embrace, and anticipate tile design in the upcoming seasons.

A return to natural materials used effortlessly
Image via: Fincibec – Century Cottage

Natural tile finishes exude organic lifestyles

The emergence of “wood” surface ceramic tiles isn’t new to the interior design world, but there is a revitalization of embracing more authentic feeling wood finishes. Taking the lifestyles of cottage living to sophisticated urban lofts, new wood ceramic innovations are on the rise. The above “Century Cottage” by Fincibec brings the charming atmosphere of the country living with an urban twist of light and dark gradations. Designers and homeowners alike are enjoying the versatility of wood surface porcelain stoneware with its waterproof and durability properties along with the ability to use it indoors and outdoors.

The beauty of wood meets splashes of color
Image via: Stagetecture – ABS- Dolphin

In alignment with natural wood ceramic tile is the introduction of unexpected splashes of color and patterns to these organic wood surfaces. Ceramic company ABK gave a glimpse of their 2015 soon-to-be-released “Dolphin” collection.  They describe it as, “Inspired by the surfaces of Venetian mooring posts and poles soaked with salt water spray like dolphins that guide sailors to port.”  The splash of colorful resin to the wood surface is truly innovative.

Inspired by Venetian mooring posts soaked with salt water spray
Image via: Stagetecture – ABS- Dolphin

Patterns and printed tiles emerge in bold and subtle ways

Over the last 8-10 years the tile industry has kept itself subdued with washed out hues of neutral browns, grays, and off-whites to reflect the timid and reserved economic and safe design practices of the world’s climate.  Designers and tile manufacturers are now seeing the economic upturn as a way for more expressive prints and patterns to come into design. Inspired by fabrics, metals, nature, cultural cues and even origami, patterns are lighting up interiors.

Bold patterns and prints emerge into interiors
Image via: FAP Ceramics – Terra

Many of the patterns at Cersaie catapulted you right into a unique space and time. The “Terra” collection from FAP ceramics was reminiscent of vintage quilts with their random layout but with a soft and natural washed out appeal that is comfortable and contemporary. “Creta” also by FAP used geometry and patterns to bring an artisanal style to interiors while giving a touchable rustic feeling with its warmth and grace.

The rustic feel of intermixing prints, patterns and gentle variances of surfaces
Image via: Stagetecture: FAP Ceramics – Creta

Color makes a splash in whimsical fashion

The presence of European style and whimsical applications was very apparent at Cersaie. Tile manufacturers are becoming more edgy with their designs and adding a nod from the fashion and pop culture world to their creations.

Fashion takes on a new presence in the tile world
Image via: Ornamenta - Quindicidecimi

Fashion meets colorful prints:

Fashion inspired tile manufacturer Ornamenta brought “Quindicidecimi” a collection of handmade stoneware clay tiles that use HD digital printing to portray fashion-inspired printed tiles. With full-bodied colors a range of fabric and textile prints are ideal for commercial and retail applications.

Image via: Ornamenta – Quindicidecimi

Pop culture reigns popular in unique markets

Bright colored “bubble gum” tile was a particular crowd pleaser at Cersaie as attendees marveled at the gorgeous range of rainbow colors offered by several tile brands. Imola Ceramica featured “Pop” – “… a glamorous policewoman is chasing a mysterious criminal around the walls” in this tribute to Roy Lichtenstein’s Pop Art.

Bright colors revisit an era of facial close-ups and explosive exclamations!
Image via: Imola Ceramica: Pop

Varying relief patterns coupled with vibrant graphic tiles
Image via: Stagetecture: Imola – Pop

The Cersaie tile show was a celebration of design, inspiration and combining modern lifestyles with nods to our traditional past. From natural woods that encompass shots of color to graphic patterns that are bold or subtle, tile manufacturers are creating a new ambiance in design. Whether you prefer the pop of colorful graphics or the fashion-forward style of creative patterns, there is no stopping the creativity.  Get inspired by what the world of tile has to offer this upcoming season and celebrate the innovation of what is soon to come.