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Holiday House: 5 Ways to Nail Show House Glamour In Your Own Home

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  • Holiday House Hamptons BJornen Design bathroom with plants
  • holiday house hamptons brady design master bedroom
  • holiday house hamptons campion platt giant lilies
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  • holiday house hamptons Elsa Soyars beddrom
  • holiday house hamptons hunniford blue swing
  • Holiday House Hamptons Scott Formby rec room lantern
  • holiday house hamptons West Chin living room
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Glamour in the midst of a major construction zone?  Yes, that is what the designers achieved in the second annual Holiday House Hamptons Show House. 

Looking at the old factory currently being converted to residential housing, you would never dream it contained work by top designers. 

Yet after a quick consult with the docents (is a hard hat necessary?), a wonderful treat awaits inside.

Despite the background noise of nail guns repeatedly firing, a tour of Holiday House Hamptons suggests at least 5 ways you can nail show house glamour in your own home 

1. Supersize. 
Large motifs pack a wow!  Campion Platt’s bedroom with its oversized DeGournay lilies is a perfect example.

In his rec room, Scott Formby hung an oversized Japanese lantern to great effect.

2. Surprise.
The unexpected is always welcome.  Blue swing in your living room anyone?  You won’t see that everywhere, which is, of course, the point. 

Similarly, Bjornen Design delivered a huge punch by filling his bathroom to the rafters with plant life, turning it into a potting shed.   Unusual but 

3. Texturize.  
Granted “texturize” may not be a real word, but there is not doubt that adding layers of texture to a room is another way to add drama and glamour.  

Texture ruled at Holiday House Hamptons, with every designer using this technique.  Here are some favorite examples. 

The rope covered light fixtures in the living room by West Chin Architects and Interior Designers were simply divine and provide the perfect foil in their sleek and glamorous living room. 

Brady Design’s master bedroom also used texture brilliantly. Note this lovely niche with its burled wood on the dresser, rattan mirror and grass cloth walls.. 

The texture found in bedside lamps, the mirror, the wallcovering, the tufted headboard  and bedding (note that fur blanket) in Elsa Soyars’ bedroom also created nuanced glamour.

4. Customize.
It can pay to go the custom route.  The map rug of Long Island, created by Custom Cool, for Elizabeth Dow Home’s den is a case in point.   It makes the room.

Paint color and unique accessories also can customize a space, with savvy choices adding glamour.  While the tile and cabinetry in the kitchen and bath spaces in the factory conversion generally were the same, the designers made each space unique.  The kitchens and baths here are by West Chin Architects and Interior  Designers, Huniford Design Studio,  Tamara Magel and Scott Formby and each of them pack a stylish wallop.

5. Add alcohol.
Not kidding here.  Bar carts and drinks stations remain the epitome of chicness.  Almost every living room had one. 

West Chin Architects and Interior Designers included a bar cart with mod geometric lines.
ID Creations literally invited you to have a cocktail. And Scott Formby dressed up his drinks area with a lovely display of art. 

Moral of the story?  Don’t judge a book (or a show house) by its cover. Chic glamour can lie within any space—even one that doesn’t have all of its windows and walls. 

Holiday House Hamptons is open to the public until August 10.  Proceeds from the show house benefit breast cancer research.

All photos by Lynn Byrne.