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Meet Michele Jimcosky

Meet Michele Jimcosky, showroom manager and board game fanatic, Eastern Penn Supply, Scranton PA.

She brings you…
three decades of experience in decorative plumbing.

“I always loved driving by the beautifully decorated showroom windows and  my brother-in-law had worked here, so that’s how I got started. I’ve worked in all parts of the business and while I can’t put a boiler together, I can tell you all about toilets!” 

Thanks to her experience she can guide you to the best products. “Sometimes people come in asking for a brand of toilet that had the best flushing system 20 years ago, but no longer does. The industry changes and  I know what’s current.”

She specializes… 
in new custom homes and also works with homeowners who are remodeling. 

She recommends…
focusing on the powder room first. “That’s what needs to pop. All your guests will use it so it should be beautiful.” Next is the kitchen. “These are two very important rooms where guests experience your home.  I recommend spending more on the powder room and kitchen, then saving money in the other rooms. The third priority is the master bath, then the “Jack and Jill” and basement baths.

She promises…

to stand behind everything she communicates to a client.  “I won’t sell you something I don’t believe in just to make a sale.” 

She understands…

there can be some initial sticker shock if you aren’t familiar with quality plumbing products. Low-priced retail ads for a $125 toilet or a $250 vanity can be very misleading and not realistic if you are looking for products that will last.

For example, with freestanding tubs so popular now, people are sometimes surprised to find out that the tub filler can cost as much as the tub itself. “But once they understand it’s solid brass and they feel how heavy it is, they understand why it would cost so much. And it’s one of the first things you see in the bath, so it  should be the best.

“Products may look the same, but there is a big difference when it comes to quality. We don’t have a $125 toilet. We have one that is going to last and you won’t have to worry about it backing up on Christmas.

“We offer products for the lifetime of your home, not ones you will be replacing in five years.

“Plus we know all the ins and outs of plumbing. Someone will always be here to help with something like a replacement cartridge.”

She knows… 
all about building or remodeling a “forever” home. She reassures Baby Boomers who may only have a bath and a half  that it’s OK to get rid of the tub and replace it with a more user-friendly walk-in shower enclosure. Ideally with a handheld shower on a bar with a diverter and framed so grab bars can go in later.  

She’s working with clients who, at 55 and in excellent health, are renovating the entire first floor of their home to be easily accessible in the years to come. For example, the owner wants all the openings to be 36” wide for a wheelchair.  

“They thought they wanted two showerheads, but I was able to show them why a beautiful handheld shower would better give them the function they were after. Working with their designer, we’ve been able to redirect them in some areas to hone in and make the bath exactly what they are trying to achieve.”

She goes above and beyond…
product selection to assist on the design of your bath. “We can help you put it all together with things like lighting and ventilation. We know how to layer lighting, and properly ventilate the bath (no, not to the attic!). We want to be sure the whole room functions well.”

She sees…

increasing demand for freestanding tubs. “We have seven on our floor right now.” And there is more interest in warm, brushed brass. 

She appreciates…
the DXV Wyatt, Fitzgerald and Keefe Collections, all in the Golden Era Design Movement inspired by the thoughtful and refined designs that emerged in the first decades of the 20th Century. 

“I love the one-piece Wyatt toilet because it’s so clean with not a lot of grooves. And the companion Wyatt console sink with its tempered glass shelf is beautiful.  I also love the design of the Fitzgerald toilet, a two-piece so it’s more affordable.  The DXV and American Standard toilets flush so well too.”


Wyatt Collection from DXV Golden Era Movement

And for something a bit different, she likes the Keefe Collection open channel faucet, with its sculptural silhouette. 

Another favorite, for the kitchen,  is the Hillside farm sink  in the Classic Design Movement. “I like that it is reversible with either a smooth front apron or a detailed design, so you can decide on the look when it’s going in.”


Hillside Collection Apron Kitchen Sink from DXV Classic Movement

She loves…
Saturday game nights with the family.  A word and phrase board game is always a hit.