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Meet Jill Herman

Meet Jill Herman, showroom consultant, kickboxer and animal lover, Rampart Supply, Denver, CO.

She brings you…
25 years of in-depth experience in kitchens and bath, first designing those key rooms, then specializing in decorative plumbing for the past 12 years, most of them at Rampart.

Jill started out in vet school, but her love of design finally won out over her love of animals, and she switched to art and interior design, graduating with a double major from Iowa State University in Ames.

“Growing up, I always had a knack for color and design,” Jill recalls. “I could go into a room and get a full picture of what the space should be, the colors and the furniture arrangements. My utmost passion is creating beautiful spaces in kitchens and bathroom, the aesthetic part.”

She admits when she was first recruited, “all those plumbing parts and pieces were a bit intimidating.  But now I love it. It’s a huge and essential part of the design process. And today more plumbing fixtures are becoming design oriented. They are art pieces now, with all the finishes and styles out there.”

“I am proud of our showroom and all the beautiful things we offer, and proud of the people I work with. I do well being challenged; I like to be the best that I can.”

She specializes…

primarily in residential kitchen and bath remodeling. And, no surprise, the former vet student has done a lot of wash areas for four-legged clients. “Our pets are part of us, and I like that we can incorporate them into our design,” she says, recalling one project the included bone tiles in a special doggie spot.

She recommends…

starting off your project by looking at pictures to get ideas. Create a project notebook. “People are very visual. You need to see things first.”

Next, she suggests narrowing down a contractor so you can start asking technical questions like ‘can I tear down walls or move them?’ Then she’ll sit down and go through your plans room by room, figuring out what you need.

She’ll start a dialogue…
asking in detail about your style personality, what you like and don’t like. She will have you elaborate on your pictures, finding out what exact details you are drawn to, such as a color, a design or a shape. And she’ll ask about your budget.

“This lets me focus on the right products that can achieve the idea you want. We’ll be on the same page.”

She understands…

it can be overwhelming when you see all the products in the 12,000-sq.-ft. Rampart showroom. Even if you think you know what you want, it can be hard to make up your mind.

She makes it easy…

by helping you maintain focus and narrowing down options to two products that each meet your style and budget requirements. With two viable choices, you save time and aren’t stressed. 

She wants you… 

to love, not just like, your selections, and have fun with it.

“You have to love it. You are spending a lot of time and money on your bath.  I want you to have the best experience you possibly can.”

She cautions you…
to give yourself plenty of time to plan your product selections and place orders, ideally several months before installation. 

“Don’t wait until the last minute when the plumber is ready to install and then be forced to settle for something that’s not your first choice. While we have a lot of products in stock, back orders can be common, especially at certain times of the year. Sometimes items may get damaged in transit. And some parts, accessories and trim may need to be special ordered due to finishes and require a longer time.

“The most challenging projects are those that are not properly planned and coordinated especially when a lot of people are involved. Ordering at the last minute and needing it tomorrow creates anxiety and stress.  Mistakes can happen and ultimately you as the homeowner will not be happy.”

She knows…

the hardest thing about a project can simply be getting started. Given all the options out there especially with social media, it is easy to become overwhelmed. 

Plus, it’s not easy having your home under construction with strangers under foot. All the more reason to start well in advance.  

She reassures you…

if there is a hiccup in your project, say something is discontinued or arrives damaged, she’ll take care of it immediately. “You can count on my trust and knowledge. I want you to come back for your next project and tell your friends and family about me.” 

She gets excited…
about working on new homes where she can start from scratch and do almost anything. “It’s fun because the sky’s the limit and all the design possibilities are endless.”

And she loves projects where she can unleash her creativity for a client who is most focused on achieving a distinctive look and going for something extraordinary. “I like to do something out of the norm and make it an absolutely amazing space with charm, character and ‘wow’.”

She appreciates…

the designers and builders she works with exclusively.  

“I really think these are the best projects. We have a system already set, typically everything runs smoothly, we’ve developed a relationship with one another. They are very important to me, knowing they always come back and we trust each other.”

She sees…
the trend moving to transitional pieces, in particular with faucets and cabinets.  All shades of gray, plus black, dark browns and neutral tones are popular, as are clean simple lines with softer curves.

She’s drawn to…
“pieces that make bold statements.” Which is why she is a big fan of the DXV Lyndon Collection, part of the Contemporary Movement reflecting and responding to the complexity of our changing world. 

“Design and color all enhance our mood, which is what a statement piece like Lyndon does.”

Reimagining contemporary design with simple elegance, approachable contours, and restrained style, The Lyndon Collection’s contemporary design highlights pure forms and emphasizes symmetry and precision.


The Lyndon Collection from DXV Contemporary Movement

She loves…

relaxing and spending time with her family, and especially her little rescue Pekinese Dugan. “He’s such a loving and sweet dog.”

But before relaxing, she gets in a round of kickboxing as a stress reliever.


Jill's Pekinese Dugan