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Meet Lorri Foster

Meet Lorri Foster, showroom manager and avid cook, The Fixture Gallery, Tigard, OR.

She brings you…
20 years experience, starting out at a local mom-and-pop electrical and plumbing supplier. “There wasn’t as much of a product selection back then but I fell in love with the designs and liked the fact that it is technical.”

She specializes…
in mid to high-end residential remodeling projects.

She believes…
it is most important to start by getting a big picture of how you want your bathroom to feel. This way she can guide you to the products that will best suit your needs. For example, how do you want your shower to function?  

“Most people don’t know how many options there are to build a shower system. So I like to find out how many people will use it and who they are. Kids? Elderly?  Starting with the big picture helps me give you a better experience in the end.”

She recommends…
focusing first  on the sink and faucet. “Although people often think about a tub or shower first, the sink and faucet are the focal point when you walk into the room.  Everything else will fall into place based on their look and style.”

She makes it easy…

to select products by guiding you through the process. “It can be overwhelming, but looking first at the overall style of home helps us eliminate a lot of what’s out there. Then we go step-by-step through decisions like single-handle or two-handle faucet.   We line them up, and have you choose A or B. And tell us what you like about them. What is drawing you to this product? The tall spout, the handle style, the finish?

Suites of products simplify the process too. Once we have a faucet, we can use other products in the collection and build around that with similar lines for the sink and tub.  So you don’t have to individually select each item; everything works nicely together.”

In addition, she’ll  educate you about the latest product developments such as how toilets have improved in the past few years. 

She advises…

paying most attention to your faucets.  “They can be small things.  But remember  the plumbing and water delivery system is the key to the bathroom. If it doesn’t function well, ultimately you aren’t serving the purpose of the room. Faucets are  turned off and on multiple times a day. Plus they are the jewelry of the room. 

“Sometimes people get focused on the tile because it’s a large area of bath, but the faucets are much harder working.”

She understands…
people are  looking for timeless design,  good value and quality products. “We don’t want to sell you something that’s not going to last. We don’t want to hear from you until you do your next bathroom! But we pride ourselves on being here for the long term. Should you need anything now or in five years, you can count on us.”

She goes beyond…
product selection and focuses on design as well. “We look at how can we rearrange the space so that it flows better.”

And she provides an invaluable service clarifying with your plumber how the whole custom shower system goes together, and scheduling timely delivery of all the pieces to the jobsite

She sees…
contemporary trending now, with warm natural materials like concrete and stone, and matt black or gold tone finishes on faucets. Even traditional is moving toward a cleaner, simpler look.

She’s a huge fan..
of the DXV Lyndon Collection, especially the faucets, appreciating their clean, simple lines “even how the aerator is recessed.” Lyndon is part of the DXV Contemporary Movement, reflecting and responding to the complexity of our changing world. The Lyndon Collection is noteworthy for its simple elegance and restrained style.


The Lyndon Collection from DXV Contemporary Movement


Lyndon Single Lever Bathroom Faucet

She thrives…
on creative projects such as the Street of Dreams homes where she gets to think outside the box. Or recently redoing a quarter of the showroom with great new products. “Every project is different which is what I like.” 

She loves…

to cook, especially non-American cuisines such as Thai and Italian. “I try something different at least one night a week.”

And she’s “constantly remodeling” her house and spending time with her kids.