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Meet Lori Alves

Meet Lori Alves, showroom consultant, foodie and wine aficionado, Ferguson Plumbing, Sacramento CA.

She brings you…

several years experience in the decorative plumbing field on top of 26 years in the complex world of lighting.  “With my background here in lighting, I’m used to all the parts and pieces, and love plumbing and putting the whole package together. For years I have done nothing but big custom homes, working one-on-one with designers so I’ve developed a good eye.”

She specializes…
in working on 4,000-6,000-sq.-ft. homes, including remodeling and new construction. “Builders often send their clients in here to make selections.  If it’s a spec house, lots of times I go out and walk the property and make suggestions.”

She assists…
by first asking about the scope of the project.  A simple bath remodel? Or a whole house? “I’ll ask about time frame, get a feel for your style, then determine the finish and style of your faucet. I always start with the faucet and build from there. For example, if you like a square faucet, then we would look at rectangular sinks and toilets with a square-ish shape.  We want everything to flow nicely.”

She also wants to know about your budget and whether you are flipping a house or buying it for yourselves. “We know our sources and can guide you to what is right for you,  such as something that is nice but more modestly priced if you are thinking of flipping.”

She understands…
making selections can be daunting. “Because we have so much, we know it can be overwhelming.  We are here to walk you through the process and make it simple and easy.  We’re always going to be here for you anytime you have questions. We love it when people say,  ‘you made it so easy.’”  

She can streamline…
the process by meeting with your designer ahead of time to pre-select several suitable looks from which you can then make a final choice.

She advises…

against mixing too many styles and finishes, such as contemporary with traditional, so that items don’t mesh and the room doesn’t flow nicely. “For example, if you have an existing tub and are keeping the chrome filler, but then put in brushed nickel everywhere else, the old tub filler will stand out like a sore thumb.”

She realizes…
it can be tough to put all the items in a bathroom together and envision the end result. People wonder how a faucet will look with a certain granite,  mirror,  light and backsplash.   “If you bring in samples of your tile or granite, we can walk around the showroom with a faucet and a printout of your lighting,  and show you how everything works with, say,  a certain sink .  We can put together a visual right in front of you to show you how and why selections will work together.”

She loves…
the DXV Seagram and Lyndon collections, both part of the Contemporary Movement, because they are “simple and elegant.”  Clients appreciate the Seagram Collection for its scaled proportion and the Lyndon Collection for its restrained style.  “They work really well here, where simple is better. People are mixing metals and using a lot of grays and subdued tones.”


The Seagram Collection from DXV by American Standard Contemporary Movement


The Lyndon Collection from DXV by American Standard Contemporary Movement

She’s open…
to out-of-the-box ideas, like a 6,500-sq.-ft., six-bath home and 2,000-sq.-ft. pool house she just finished in Lodi, where the owner wanted a beach theme, including materials that looked like sand and fossils, and faucet handles resembling star fish.

She gets excited…
about traveling,  food and wine.  “We do a lot of spur-of-the-moment trips. We’re big foodies and love diners, drive-in and dives. We go to a lot of small wineries too where the owners pour the wines.”  Her most recent adventure: deep-sea fishing in Cabo. For more entertainment close to home, there’s always her beloved blue and gold Macaw parrot.