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Dwell On Design 2014 in Los Angeles

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The annual Dwell on Design event recently took place in Los Angeles in conjunction with LA Design week: a full week of design events, home tours, showroom parties, and one of the largest trade show events encompassing the latest and most innovative products in design. 

Showcased at Dwell, among the green design and outdoor living spaces, were prefab homes and storage containers turned into useable living spaces. 

Altius Prefab provided a tour of their miniHome which is described as "a compact mini home for the affluent consumer wanting a high quality and energy efficient contemporary residence". 

The miniHome features a covered open porch area with living spaces to one side and a studio / work space to the other. Upon entering, there is a state of the art kitchen with a large island for dining. A hallway leads to both a full bathroom and bedroom. Clerestory windows throughout the home provide ample natural lighting and air while staying true to the modern architecture and design prefab homes are often known for. 

The CubeDepot provides various solutions for using shipping containers, but one cool use is as a mobile office or OfficeMod.These can either be rented or purchased. 

Great finds for outdoor products were corrugated steel planters from Modern Urban Planters, sculptural outdoor furnishings from Stephen Burks Man Made, and modern type numbers and letters from

Unique finishes that stood out for both flooring and wall applications were seen at Pental and Plyboo.

Pental carries a line of unique porcelain tiles called Wow among several other products in porcelain, natural stone, quartz, glass, metal and more. 

Sustainable bamboo designs and textures for both floors and walls come from Plyboo. Several uses for their products also include cabinet design, sound proofing, panels and even dimensional lumber.

Some fun and popular finds were these paper cities from Paper Punk,  the colorful portable Cubit Chairs for kids, and a show favorite: coffee at the tap of an app from Top Brewer. Much needed after a day of scoping all the latest in design finds!