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Faith Sheridan

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DXV Celebrates the Grand Opening of Abbrio Showroom in Seattle

It was a very good evening at Abbrio’s opening

The photos tell the story. An opening event at the Abbrio Showroom in Seattle with DXV products throughout. Live music, wonderful food and a showroom looking spectacular combined to provide a celebration. It’s a win-win for trade professionals and the public when a display is well done. And Abbrio’s luxury showroom achieves the display with excellence.

This Oak Hill soaking tub with weathered oak feet is a design dream come true

My design heart did beat faster when I saw this freestanding soaking tub with oak feet. What a brilliant idea to ‘warm’ the room with a wood element. Bathrooms so often are perceived as cool with elements like tile, glass, stone and porcelain so the addition of wood feet is a perfect touch. The vanity cabinet continues the concept.

Another view of the freestanding soaking tub and Oak Hill Suite

DXV is adding design elements that reflect inspiration from historically significant designs. The beauty of these designs is they respect how folks live today and how they desire design to function. So let’s look at the vanity cabinet designs as an example.

Oak Hill sink with vanity

Although some may interpret this as ‘Farmhouse’, it can easily translate to modern with changes to the design elements of the bathroom itself. A wainscot of tile rather than wood achieves a different design aesthetic. I especially like that it offers a pullout drawer and a shelf. And hardware for the sink and handles can be changed. Also available with a wood stain.

A full view of the sink with vanity and Oak Hill Suite

The trough sink in 47″ size is a change up but ever so fresh and useful. With 2 holes for faucets, it is a contemporary option for updates and new construction. Also, part of the Lyndon collection, it is wall hung making the space below useful for storage of towels, and so on. Think of adding a basket.

Fresh concept of a trough sink in the Lyndon collection

A pleasant surprise is a choice of gray as a finish for kitchen sinks. The farmhouse sink, as it’s called, is enjoying a comeback moment and DXV offers a twist, literally! You can choose which side of the sink to expose. A smooth surface of or one with a design. I think this concept is brilliant. By adding a simple design element and the color gray as a finish, the farmhouse sink is now a modern, contemporary element for a kitchen remodel.

A modern farmhouse, Hillside Sink in chenille gray

Wall hung toilets are gaining traction in bathroom selections. Not only do they save space but they offer a clean aesthetic as shown in the photo. I predict consumers and designers will adapt to the trend of the wall hung toilet.

Seagram Wall hung, space saving toilet

A one piece toilet from DXV that’s “unmistakably modern, undeniably gracious in contour and form.” I love the soft shape of the tank.

Modern Roycroft One-Piece toilet

The distinctly geometric design of the Percy faucet is the epitome of minimalism. I think it makes a simply luxurious statement.

Percy faucet with Pop Rectangle Vessel Sink

Whether shopping in Seattle or a DXV showroom in your home town, I hope I’ve inspired you to take an up close look at DXV. Refreshing product design is sure to inspire a future project for me and I hope also for you.