Kati Curtis

Kati Curtis

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Golden Era Getaway


“I love imagining Humphrey Bogart lounging with his cigar in this room. But I can also see someone using it today.” – Kati Curtis 




It’s the contrast that I love—the glamour and the grit, the old and the new, the rough and the refined.








Casablanca The Golden Era was a time when the handcrafted blended with the modern. “Moroccan culture is also focused on craft and doing things in a time-honored way,” explains Kati, “but at the same time adapting that into modern life.” Appropriately, her room is based upon a hammam, an ancient bathing tradition that continues to this day.








Designing a room inspired by Casablanca has the potential of being busy and overwhelming. But Kati created a truly serene space. She kept the color palette fairly muted and selected faucets from the Keefe® Collection in a matte black finish. As she says, “There’s an inherent beauty in the faucets themselves—solid and architectural. They really pop against the tile.”





What translates so well with DXV is that you can create a historical space with a lot of ancient influences but use very modern pieces in a way that works beautifully.