Alison Habermehl

Alison Habermehl

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Contemporary Penthouse


“This penthouse en suite is for a creative woman whose daytime life often rolls into the nighttime social. She loves the best of the best and is very particular.”
– Alison Habermehl

In the future, I think we’re going to see a softer, more feminine style—curvaceous design, no sharp corners, everything is very sensuous.

Toronto A city that never looks back. Which is also a great definition for contemporary design. Even so, this elegant bathroom is sure to garner multiple looks. The rounded shower and dark tile work creates a gracious cocoon that is designed to perform double duty. “For relaxing in the evening, there’s the double rain head shower system,” explains Alison. “For rejuvenation in the morning, I included the Percy® Personal Shower Set with Hand Shower.”


Alison added a few luxurious touches like a floating vanity, then introduced custom ombre fabric, strategic lighting and soft colors like blush to add warmth and quiet drama to the room’s clean lines. By incorporating two different sizes of under counter sinks from the Pop® Collection, she increased usability without threatening the room’s minimalistic origins. All that’s necessary, with nothing that’s not.


The Percy® widespread cross-handle faucet is my favorite. Its tactile nature makes you think a little more about what you’re using, and appreciate it because you use it so often.



*Special order Platinum Nickel finish, inquire about availability or lead time